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Our professional ad editors will take your manuscript and turn it into a great writing experience. Get ready to witness the power of a good book with us.


Design and Typesetting

To ensure a comfortable reading experience, our creative team will design visually appealing book covers and layouts.



Our proofreaders can detect even the smallest errors. Our publisher consultation services will ensure that your book is grammatically correct and error-free.



Our professional printers ensure that your prints are printed using quality paper and ink. Experience our wide variety of printing options, all designed to fit your unique needs!



Our team works ceaselessly to get your book on the shelves of leading worldwide bookstores. With our effective sales strategies, your book will sell like hotcakes.



Our marketing and publishing experts will assist you in creating a buzz around your book. We will ensure that your book receives the most exposure possible through social media campaigns and press releases.

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Are you confused about which path to take so that the rest of the world can hear your ideas? Selecting Harper Book Publisher is your roadmap for expert publication consulting solutions.

Perks of Choosing Us

We have years of experience in the publishing industry and know what it takes to make your dreams come true. We're here to help you with everything, from writing down your ideas to making sure they reach every corner.

Here is what you get with us:

  • Our consulting book agents for book publishing provide comprehensive support at every stage of the publishing process, including editing, design, proofreading, printing, sales, and marketing.
  • With our self-publishing consultant, we strive to ensure your success as an author by providing the guidance and expertise you need to make your book a bestseller.
  • Our team is available to answer all of your questions and guide you with the complete method.

Why Us for Publishing Consulting Needs?

If you're considering writing a book or need help with publishing, our experts are ready to help. Harper Book Publisher leads the book world with fast, efficient service that makes every word anyone writes worth listening to. Our detail-oriented book publishing experts guide all of our clients and support them on their path to successful publishing. Our experienced team is able to provide quality, professional and impeccable service to help all our customers achieve their goals. Our customer service team believes that by publishing personal tips, you can be constantly updated to achieve your destiny. Then contact our advertising services and enjoy your growth.

Confused Where To Start Your Journey From?

If you have a manuscript that you want published, we can help. Contact our self-publishing services team and let us do the rest!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Harper Book Publisher, as a publishing consultancy service, can assist authors with the publication process. From manuscript editing and design to printing and distribution, our experienced team of professionals can help authors navigate the book publishing process.

Typical book publishing steps include manuscript editing, book design and formatting, printing, distribution, and marketing. Harper Book Publisher can help authors with these steps and provide customized solutions based on their needs.

A publisher selects an author's manuscript for publication and oversees the entire publishing process, which includes editing, design, printing, and distribution. Self-publishing, on the other hand, involves the author handling all aspects of the publishing process, including editing, design, printing, and marketing. Traditional publishing typically has higher upfront costs, but it can provide more exposure and support for an author's book.

There are a number of possibilities for finding a literary agent, including attending writing conferences and networking events, submitting queries to literary agencies, and conducting online research. Harper Book Publisher can also help you find a literary agent and connect you with one of our network agents.

We cannot guarantee publication, but we can provide advice and assistance to authors to increase their chances of publication. A publisher eventually decides to publish a book, and we work hard to ensure our authors have the best success possible.

You can contact an author directly through social media, their website or blog, or by attending events where they are speaking or signing books. Meanwhile, not all authors may be reachable or available for direct communication.

Confused About Where to Begin?

Connect with us, to get more information and get yourself a cost-effective deal for your project.