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Expert Book Editing Services With Harper Book Publisher

Examine our services to get a sense of the types and breadth of book editing services we provide to authors.


Manuscript Critique

Our editors will give you an honest and thorough critique of your manuscript, outlining its strengths and weaknesses.


Editorial Assessment

Harper's editorial assessment is a thorough evaluation of your manuscript that will provide you with detailed feedback.


Developmental Editing

Our book editors provide a comprehensive editing service that focuses on improving the overall structure, plot, pacing, character development, and style of your manuscript.


Line & Copy Editing

Harper's line editing service is intended to concentrate on the finer points of your manuscript. Our low-cost book editing services also include copy editing, which allows authors to fine-tune their manuscript and ensure that it is error-free and consistent.



The manuscript will be checked for typos, inconsistencies, and other errors by the book editors.


Agent Query Edit

We can assist you in creating a polished and professional query letter that will pique the interest of literary agents.

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Accompanying Your Aspirations!

  • The book editing process begins when you sign up or subscribe to our website.
  • Our expert book editors will discuss the manuscript with you and provide you with a detailed revision plan as well as a completion timeline.
  • Our online book editing process will begin with a review and evaluation of your manuscript, identifying any issues that require attention and providing you with an overall assessment of your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Professional book editing services examine sentences for grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors.
  • After the editing process is complete, you will be able to review the manuscript and make any final changes before it is published.

Why Choose Harper Book Publisher?

There are a bunch of reasons why Harper Book Publisher maintains a competitive advantage in the book editing industry. Our qualified editing team is committed to assisting authors in achieving literary success and possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills. We recognize the importance of a well-written and polished manuscript and are dedicated to assisting authors in achieving it. Our expert book editing services are tailored to any author's needs, from basic proofreading to extensive developmental editing. We are one of the only book editing firms that fully comprehends your ideas and offers detailed feedback and recommendations to help you bring it to fruition. You can trust that your manuscript is in capable hands when you use our affordable book editing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Offcourse. Although our work is confidential, you can view our portfolio to learn more about what we do!

If your manuscript has plot holes, inconsistencies, and awkward phrasing, the answer is yes! You need editing help.

Absolutely. Harper Book Publisher look for errors in style and formatting.

A basic proofreading and copyediting service for an 80,000-100,000-word manuscript can take between two and four weeks.

Yes. Our book editing company provides print and e-book editing services to our customers.

You give us project information. We provide a report that identifies its strengths and weaknesses. Following your approval, we address the flaws and areas for improvement in your work, transforming it into something more professional and publishable.

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