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Book Distribution Services With Harper Book Publisher

Our online book distribution service offers the following services:


Global Distribution

As part of our book distribution agreement, we distribute your book to multiple platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


High-Tech Royalty Management

Our cutting-edge royalty management services include comprehensive reporting, streaming analytics, royalty payments, rights tools, user roles, and other features to help you understand and track the success of your book.



We also provide full-scale monetization services that assist you in increasing revenue from your book by monetizing platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, and other User Generated Content platforms.


Setting Up Accounts With Distributors

Harper Publisher's book distribution service includes setting up accounts with various distributors, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, to make your book more accessible to a larger audience.


Ensuring The Proposal

Our royalty setup service includes ensuring that your book proposal is properly prepared and sent to distributors. We validate information such as author and book details, pricing, and distribution channels.



Our professional team is dedicated to maximizing your royalty collection and providing publishing and neighboring rights through our platform to help you succeed.

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Perks Of Choosing Us.

  • Increased visibility and reach for your book: Harper Book Publisher' online book distribution will distribute your book across multiple platforms, making it available to a larger audience.
  • Professional distribution and royalty setup: Harper Book Publisher has extensive experience in the book publishing industry and can handle the distribution and royalty setup process for you. This can save you time and effort while ensuring that the process is carried out professionally.
  • Harper Book Publisher high-tech royalty management system provides you with comprehensive reporting and analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your book and make informed marketing and sales decisions.
  • Monetization opportunities: Harper Book Publisher can assist you in monetizing your book across multiple platforms, allowing you to generate more revenue from your book sales.

Why Choose Harper Book Publisher

Harper Book Publisher recognizes that publishing a book can be a difficult and time-consuming process. That is why we provide a comprehensive book distribution service that allows you to get your book in front of the right people without hassle.

  • Extensive distribution network
  • Distribution handled with professionalism
  • Technology-driven royalty management
  • Monetization possibilities.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Harper Book Publisher is dedicated to assisting you in reaching your publishing goals. With our book distribution service, you can concentrate on what you do best - writing - while we handle the rest. Choose us and we will help you make your book a success!

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Harper Book Publisher offers a variety of publishing services, such as editing, design, book distribution, and royalty setup.

Offcourse! Our experts can help you develop your idea and determine whether it has potential.

Yes, you can include your own writing in your book. Many authors choose to self-publish their books in order to retain creative control while also saving money. Even if you use your own writing, publishing a book can be costly.

You can visit Harper Book Publisher website to see some of the books we have published and the services we provide.

Yes, you can make money selling books. However, the amount you earn will be determined by a number of factors, including your book's price, royalty rate, and number of copies sold.

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