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Book Proposal With Harper Book Publisher

We provide affordable professional book proposal writing services to authors and writers. Our services range from book planning to online book proposal editing, and they include the following:


Book Planning

We assist aspiring authors with book planning by providing guidance on structure, content, and overall organization. This service is useful for writers who need help getting started.



We have professional ghostwriters on board who can assist you in drafting your book. Before publishing, we will transform your ideas into effective manuscripts.



Our editing service entails reviewing and revising a manuscript to ensure that it is error-free, consistent, and meets the publisher's standards.


Book Proposals and Queries

Our queries are short letters that you can send to publishers to gauge their interest in your book proposal. We write compelling proposals and queries to increase your chances of publication.


Publishing Navigation

Our publishing navigation service assists authors in navigating the complex world of publishing by guiding them through everything from finding the right literary agent to negotiating book contracts.


Bestseller Targeting

Our team identifies and incorporates key factors that contribute to the success of a book into its marketing strategy.

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What to Expect?

  • Congratulations on taking the first step toward having your book published! Writing a book is an impressive feat, but getting it published can be difficult. That is where Harper Book Publisher’s book proposal writing service comes in. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the publishing process and help you develop a winning book proposal.
  • Our book planning service will assist you in structuring your book and organizing your thoughts.
  • If you need help writing your book, our ghostwriting service can connect you with a talented writer who can bring your ideas to fruition.
  • Our book proposal editing service is ideal for authors who have completed a manuscript but want to ensure that it is error-free and consistent.
  • We also increase your book's visibility and sales, bringing you one step closer to your publishing goals.

Why Choose Harper Book Publisher

Get in the door to your writing dreams; are you prepared to take your career to new heights? Look no further than Harper Book Publisher online book proposal writing services. Our experienced team of professionals knows exactly what it takes to get your book published and noticed by major publishers.

Why should you choose us? We provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist you in achieving your publishing goals. We will be by your side every step of the way, from book planning and ghostwriting to editing and bestseller targeting. Harper Book Publisher is deeply committed to assisting authors in their success. Our book proposal writing service will provide you with personalized attention and expert guidance at all times. So why delay? Choose Harper Book Publisher and let us make your publishing dreams a reality.

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Writing a book proposal is the process of creating a document that outlines the key components of a book and its potential value for publishers.

A book proposal must include a clear and concise overview of the book's content, a synopsis that highlights the key points of the book, an analysis of the target audience and market, and an author biography that highlights the author's expertise and qualifications to write the book.

While there is no guarantee, submitting a well-crafted book proposal that highlights your book's unique value proposition, writing skills, and market understanding can help you get published.

Some book proposal writing services provide comprehensive packages that include everything from book planning and ghostwriting to editing and publishing navigation, while others provide à la carte services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

If you want to polish your book proposal, let us handle it for you! We write, edit, and send your book proposal to prestigious publishers and literary agents.

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